“Remembering the Past, Resourcing the Future”


This website chronicles the life and times of the 20th Century in North Tyneside and its surrounding areas, as told by those who lived, worked and played there.

 Contained in the site are the memories and experiences of people who were born and raised in the area, as well as those who have moved here from other parts of the country. Their stories cover a timespan of almost 100 years, with the earliest memories going back to 1906.

 People sometimes ask what value their memories have. If you think that the 20th Century has seen the greatest rate of progress and change in human history, you’ll get the idea that these stories are extremely valuable. By publishing them here on the site you can ensure that some aspects of life in the North East will never be forgotten.

 When you browse through the site your own memory will be jogged, and you might feel able to contribute your own stories. If you go to the website’s Contact Us page all the information you need is there.